Our Origin Story

Once Upon a Time

In April of 1994 a litter of beautiful Akitas were born. Heaven only knows why these spirits came to Earth to bless Louis Vega and Caesar Muñoz, but they found us.

The first to come home was Usagi, a little boy with a very special spirit. A few days after coming home, Usagi after eating, would get sick and throw up.

The wonderful people whom we got Usagi from were notified and they were baffled as well. The dog breeders told us that when Usagi was a baby he got special attention. So, he was already spoiled and was never alone. Usagi was taken to several different vets, and nothing was abnormal. With all this research we had pieced together that Usagi was a bonded pair with his sister Takara. This meant that Usagi was very attached to his sister, and when separated he had anxiety and emotional distress that caused loss of appetite and vomiting.

Out of this research, we were blessed by a miracle, because Takara was the last puppy of the litter left, so we asked if we could take her home and the breeders immediately agreed it was best for them both. When Takara got home and was reunited with Usagi he was no longer sick; she was the cure. Now that they were back together, they were as happy as can be. This reunion began a journey that would open the door for many blessings for the years to come.

Chocolate brown puppy with adorable golden eyes. Rescued in Los Angeles, this adorable puppy is laying in the green grass looking up at you with cute puppy-dog eyes.

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