We Need Your Support to Continue Rescuing Animals

Please take notice: We’re currently at capacity and unable to accept new rescues. You can go to any LA County Animal Shelter to turn in a found animal. See our list of no-kill animal shelters from our Pet Adoption Guide: Los Angeles, CA.

Local Los Angeles Animal Rescue Center: USAKARA

We provide our animals with a loving home—not just a shelter. In addition, for every rescue we provide essential vet care, vaccines, food, and grooming. USAKARA is a Los Angeles based 501(c)(3) non-profit, and we’ve been proudly rescuing animals since 1994.

Chocolate brown puppy with adorable golden eyes. Rescued in Los Angeles, this adorable puppy is laying in the green grass looking up at you with cute puppy-dog eyes.

Your Donations Help Pets in Need of a Loving Home

Donate and be a part of making a difference. Every dollar goes towards caring for our animals.

USAKARA's Founder: Caesar Muñoz holding one of our rescued dogs named buddy woods. He's a small white and golden brown dog.

About Our Story

Meet our founder, our loving team, and learn more about our mission and vision.

Kitten rescues: Apollo, and Mikie, playing with their favorite fluffy toy. Both kittens are standing upright on their hind legs pawing at the toy in a game of kitten tug-of-war.

Meet the Animals

Take a moment to meet the animals your donations support, and meet the dogs that started it all: Usagi and Takara.

Animal Education

Learn about how we rescue and care for our animals so you can properly care for your animals too.

Fluffy husky puppy with beautiful blue eyes and a big smile with his cute pink tongue hanging out of his mouth, he's smiling right at you.

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