Pet Adoption Guide: Los Angeles, CA

Chocolate brown puppy with adorable golden eyes. Rescued in Los Angeles, this adorable puppy is laying in the green grass looking up at you with cute puppy-dog eyes.

Adopt a Pet Today from One of Your Local Animal, Cat, Dog, & Pet Shelters in Los Angeles, CA

Adopting a pet is great way to bring joy into your life. The best option that our team at USAKARA encourages you to try is adopting from a shelter to rescue a dog, cat, or pet in need of a good home.

Benefits of Adopting a Pet from Los Angeles, CA Animal Shelters

The benefit is that you’re rescuing a pet, giving them a home, and often it cost a fraction of the price as buying a pet from a breeder or pet retailer. With so many pets in the animal shelters across LA, it’s a good deed and provides you with more options for matching with a new pet who is your ideal companion based on their size, breed, care needs, and above all their personalities. Be sure to visit a few shelters to see what each one has to offer for pet adoption.

Downey, Los Angeles Animal Shelter

Hours: 12 PM–7 PM

Phone: 562-940-6898

Address: 11258 South Garfield Ave, Downey, CA 90242


Adopt a Pet from Los Angeles County Animal Shelters

All Los Angeles County Animal Shelters have many pets to choose from. Visit their website to find a shelter near you and meet your next pet companion.


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USAKARA provides animals with a loving home — not just a shelter. In addition, USAKARA provides essential vet care, vaccines, food, and grooming services for each pet rescue. USAKARA is a Los Angeles based 501(c)(3) non-profit, proudly rescuing animals since 1994.