Charlie LA Doggy Rescue

Charlie is a born and white dog rescued in LA, with big triangular ears that are perked up, and beautiful brown eyes looking right at you.


Most Loving & Adventurous

Dog Rescue: July 2018–Present

What a Character this little guy is! Little Charlie showed up on Caesar’s door step one afternoon. One day the front door was left open for fresh air, and Charlie was hanging out on the corner of the house. As people walked by he was barking and running around the front yard.

Eventually, Charlie saw that the front door was open, and made his presence known by walking in. At first we were a little startled that a stray dog just walked in, but we quickly made friends with Charlie.

Caesar arrived home later, and walked into the living room to see Charlie sitting on the sofa. He was very friendly and happy to meet someone new. Caesar had never seen him before, or around the neighborhood, so we figured he got out of his home and would eventually go home with his owners when they came looking.

It was then around 5 pm, still light outside, so we put him outside thinking he would go home. We closed the door and went about our business. It was then 8 pm and dark. Caesar wondered about him, so he went onto the front yard to see if Charlie was still there, and he was. Caesar was thinking to himself and laughing, “Not another one!” Caesar didn’t want to leave Charlie outside because there are Coyotes that come down from the hills, and could not live with himself if Charlie got attacked. So Caesar decided to bring him inside his home, feed Charlie, and then Charlie made himself right at home.

Charlie has a lot of charisma and when he walks into the room he lights up and the sight of people. Everyone loves Charlie for his big personality and loving spirit.

Caesar gave Charlie a bath to make sure he didn’t have fleas. It was bed time and Charlie had to sleep in the kitchen, because Caesar could not introduce him to the other dogs just yet. So Caesar made a bed and tucked Charlie in. In the morning, there was Charlie didn’t make any mess or destruction — he was a good boy.

We went outside into the front yard to see if anyone was looking for Charlie. This gave Charlie the chance to use the bathroom. We hoped that his previous owners would be outside looking for him, but no. So later Charlie was introduced to the other dogs and you would have thought they were best of friends because of Charlie fit right in. He has been with USAKARA ever since.

Chocolate brown puppy with adorable golden eyes. Rescued in Los Angeles, this adorable puppy is laying in the green grass looking up at you with cute puppy-dog eyes.

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