Mia, LA Cat Rescue Story

Mia a mother cat surrounded by her two kittens Mikie and Apollo. All 3 rescue cats have light grey fur with dark grey strips, and they're looking right at you with their big green eyes, adorable!

Momma Mia

Our Loving Mother Cat

Cat Rescue: January 2018—Present

Mia found safety hiding under cars in the parking lot of our facility. We started putting food and water bowls around the areas we spotted her, and she eventually grew fond enough of to pet her. She was only a couple months old and soon became pregnant.

Momma Mia, had 2 kittens, Mikie and Apollo. The miracle of her story is, after giving birth to the kittens, Mia carried them to our Los Angeles animal rescue facility.

One by one, she carried her cubs in her mouth and gently plopped them at the foot of our door, then nudged the kittens with her nose, signaling them to crawl forwards to safety. Mia’s intuition led told her she could trust USAKARA to take good care of her kittens.

Chocolate brown puppy with adorable golden eyes. Rescued in Los Angeles, this adorable puppy is laying in the green grass looking up at you with cute puppy-dog eyes.

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