Negra, LA Doggy Rescue

Negra, is a small black dog, laying on her bed relaxing after a meal. She has sleepy eyes and is ready for a nap.


Little Ball of Love

Dog Rescue: January 2012–Present

As the story goes, Negra was just a puppy when we rescued her. Negra and her mom were being chased by the pound. While on the run, Negra split up from her mom by taking a turn into our parking lot. Her mom continued to run and lost track of Negra, who was left be hind and scared.

Our warehouse manager saw Negra run into the parking lot, and was able to get her into the warehouse for safety. He fed Negra and comforted her with a cozy bed to lay in. By the time Caesar had arrived to the warehouse, Negra was already fed and laying in bed comfortably. Caesar went looking to see if he could find her mom anywhere. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to find her and presumed the pound caught up with her. Caesar knew that he would have to set another doggy plate for Negra back at USAKARA’s rescue center.

As Negra settled into her new home at USAKARA, she became quite the talker. She always has something to say to everyone. Only heaven knows what she’s mixed with, but she is a mixed breed pup with a big personality. Negra’s coat is a beautiful and shiny black, just like an onyx gem stone. Negra has little legs, but she sure can run fast and keep up with the bigger dogs.

The most beautiful trait about Negra, is that she’s nurturing to all the other animals in our rescue center. We love that Negra has settled into her home at USAKARA and has taken on a motherly role to care all our animals like her own.

Chocolate brown puppy with adorable golden eyes. Rescued in Los Angeles, this adorable puppy is laying in the green grass looking up at you with cute puppy-dog eyes.

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