Sombra LA Doggy Rescue

Sombra is a black lab mix rescued in LA, with cute ears that flop forward, golden brown eyes, and an energetic spririt that lights up the room.


Big Personality, Black Lab Mix

Dog Rescue: October 2010–Present

Sombra was spotted by one of our volunteer staff, Jose, while he was on a lunch break from work. He worked at a factory and there were train tracks behind the warehouse, so when he would have lunch he would go to the back dock that overlooked the train tracks to eat his lunch.

One day, Sombra appeared while Jose was having his lunch in his usual spot, and he noticed right away the dog malnourished. Of course, Jose gave the dog some of his food. He sent Caesar some photos so he could see this stray dog that needed help, Sombra.

While the photos did not truly show how badly Sombra’s health was, but Caesar knew this dog needed to be rescued. The weekend came and Jose and Caesar both went to go and rescue him.

Animal Rescue Kit

Before heading off to rescue Sombra, Caesar put together a rescue kit, which included:

  • Cut up weenies (hot dogs)
  • Water and doggy bowl
  • Dog leash
  • Towels
  • Blanket

Off Caesar and Jose went to rescue this poor dog. They arrived at the train tracks and started walking and calling out, “Here boy!” and after a short period of searching, Sombra popped out from the tall weeds along the train tracks. Caesar thought to himself, “OMG!” Because Sombra was tall, all black, and scary looking. The most horrible thing was he was not skinny, he was emaciated.

Caesar was shocked and had he known the true condition of Sombra, he would have come sooner to rescue him. Caesar crouched down and called for the dog to see if he would come closer, and he did just a tiny bit. Caesar threw some weenies to Sombra to see if he’d come closer, and he did slowly. It took some time to get Sombra close to Caesar, but the weenies were too tempting.

Caesar was able to slowly start petting him and kept talking to him. He then cautiously and very slowly out a leash around Sombra and kept assuring him that he was safe. With the leash around Sombra, Caesar was able to walk him back to the SUV. Then they opened the back of the SUV and then picked Sombra’s legs up and got them on the bed of the SUV. Then, Caesar was able to lift Sombra’s back legs up and together they got him safely into the SUV.

They gave Sombra more weenies and water. Now they were on their way home, but that was one nerve wracking rescue. Once they got Sombra home, Caesar prepared a secluded area in the backyard for him. Then brought water and food to Sombra, and fed him a little at a time, because his body could only eat slowly in his condition.

After a couple of days, you could see the relief in Sombra’s eyes. Caesar then brought Sombra to the vet and slowly got his health back on track. Sombra became a very good watch dog, and with his deep bark, no one dare come into the backyard.

Sombra is very good with the other rescue dogs, but has no interests in them. He is very protective of his home and his pack. Sombra eventually became great friends with Charlie, and Charlie would boss Sombra around. But Sombra paid no attention.

Sombra became so healthy, strong, and handsome that you would never even know it was the same emaciated dog they rescued at the train tracks that day.

Chocolate brown puppy with adorable golden eyes. Rescued in Los Angeles, this adorable puppy is laying in the green grass looking up at you with cute puppy-dog eyes.

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