6 Steps to Take When You’ve Lost Your Pet in Los Angeles, CA: A Guide to Reuniting Lost & Found Dogs, Cats, Birds, & Other Pets

Step By Step Guide to Reuniting Lost & Found Pets

1. File a Police Report for your missing animals with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

LAPD File a Police Report Web Page:


Prepare Your Documentation

Be Prepared to show proof of ownership in the form of receipts, vet bills, license, and any other records you have showing that you are the primary care taker of the animal(s).

2. File a missing animal report with the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services.

Once you have a police report number, then you can file a report with the Los Angeles Animal Shelters that will notify all shelters across LA to contact you in case they receive an animal that matches your report and description.

Los Angeles Animal Shelter Lost Pet Web Page:


3. Online Lost Pet Resources

Setup an account and post your missing animal photos and details to all the websites that specialize in reuniting lost pets with their owners.

  1. Nextdoor.com
  2. Petco Love Lost: https://lost.petcolove.org/
  3. Nextdoor.com
  4. LA Department of Animal Services, Lost Pet Partner Website https://24petconnect.com/

Be Cautious of Scams

When you’re panicked and looking for your lost pet, you may encounter scammers who are trying to get personal information from you, while they’re pretending to know something about your lost pet. Never give your personal information to a stranger, and only trust authorities like the LAPD or the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services.

4. Contact the Los Angeles Animal Shelters

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, you can call each animal shelter around LA and ask if they have received any new animals around the date when your pet became lost.

5. Print & Post

It’s important to consider that 50% of all missing pets are reunited with their owners when you follow the steps as outlined by the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services. An important part of the process is printing and posting lost pet flyers around your neighborhood. Some of the lost pet websites online will automatically generate a free flyer for you to download, print, and post around your neighborhood. So be sure to setup and file your report on all online lost pet resource pages to get the most help and support from your local Los Angeles community to find your lost pet.

6. Tell Your Family, Friends, & Neighbors

Let everyone know that you’re looking for you animals and to contact you if they know of any additional information or resources. Sometimes, your pet will find their way to people they are familiar with. And you never know who may have seen the pet last or who can help you in ways that you did not think of yourself.